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inktober day 20 - tread -

done with day 20 of inktober 2019, decided to draw my my two warriors OCs Mousesage and Shadescar having a chat i guess

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rosy river

another OC as a warrior cat! he's part of a friend group that includes some OCs-as-cats from another piece of mine, Lunar Crescent and Sky Lily. he's very chill and friendly, and loves roses! his eyes are pale from a medical condition that eventually blinded him, and are often half-lidded as he's frequently quite fatigued from a different medical condition. despite these things though, he remains (surprisingly, to most other cats) a quite capable combatant. (as with his OC version, he's also trans and very gay)

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finally managed to draw another thing ;_; done completely on my phone again too, so there's a bit of messyness but at least it's finished

two more of my OCs as warrior cats, Stormsong and Sungaze! i worked extra hard to make their expressions soft and adoring

(also fuck you waterfall for refusing to paste my art description, forcing me to hand-type it all)

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incoming a whole batch of warriors cats designs

starstruck -

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okay okay, hear me out.... what if.... cloudtail actually had stormy, cloudy looking fur, and it was just his tail that was billowing white? what if his eyes were orange suns peeking through the clouds?

i've still been doing a lot of just plain sketching to painstakingly learn human anatomy. it's so hard! i struggle to feel like i've made any progress, and i've also struggled to make anything that vaguely looks finished, and have been trying to let myself just draw and color messily to practice actually finishing things. this drawing was actually done on my phone, and honestly mobile drawing programs leave a LOT to be desired, but this one seems alright. animals feel so much easier to draw than humanoids for me, i do a lot of sketches of cats and various original species in between crying over failed attempts at drawing humans, hah.

Swirlpaw|AKA Fawful|Mario & Luigi series|tom|

Swirlpaw was a former kittypet that was raised by a budding twoleg scientist along with his older brother Rufflestripe (Popple), due to that (And a few attempted studies on cat inteligence) he's a few steps ahead tech-wise than normal cats. sadly, he and his brother were forced to leave their former owner's home after a devastating accident that neither he nor Rufflestripe want to talk about.

Swirlpaw is currently in training to become a Warrior by former Beanclan cat Batear (cackletta)

Lost Stars

I read Lost Stars and it's such a good book. I had this problem with the previous arc that I couldn't stand it that I honestly can't remember what happend in the books except major events. But now reading Lost Light I'm exited for the arc. Rootpaw if definitely my favorite POV and I can't wait for the next book.