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I am already so mentally exhausted by this week and today is only my Monday.

I close tonight at work. We close at 12:00am but I have to do all the after close shit and the rule is we can’t clock out until its been at least 30 minutes after close (which is some bullshit but w/e). So I'll get home around lets call it 1:00am.

Then I still have to eat and shower and get that garbage done and go to bed. That's not counting having a little bit of hang out time with my husband. Which probably won't happen, which makes me super bummed because we just started exploring our Minecraft world a bit more and I just ran a relax and do that.

But nope! I'll be getting in bed at let's call it 2:30am. (realistically it might be a little later if I have to cook).

I have to go to bed because I have to wake up at 7:30am so I have an hour to get ready and leave to be at work at 9:00am. The icing in the cake: I am training a new hire. :’)

I'm upset.

Some new students are joining the choir I'm in (it's the varsity choir), which is totally cool, except one of the students is a girl who doesn't like me for some reason. (I have no clue why.)

She is so aggressive towards me. She likes to pretend I don't exist and act like my opinions don't matter. I thought I would never have to deal with her again after the school musical closed, but apparently the universe decided that wasn't enough.

I hate that I'm dreading going to class. I shouldn't be afraid of her. I just don't want to be belittled by some underclassman who thinks she's above me. She is not above me. I will not let her win.

I absolutely hate shopping for clothes on amazon cause it forces me into mens or womens at every turn like I just wanna look at clothes

I'm gonna kick my cats ass.


I'm in a multi use men's restroom for the first time and I'm fucking terrified

I constantly day dream about having a girlfriend but no girls like me :( I've had bad experiences in the past with them so I feel like it's a way of hurting myself when I daydream cause I end up shaming myself for it and I feel foolish when I think I'll ever have a girlfriend:'/

Very sad. Do not check up on people that abandoned you. Nothing good comes from that :(

Some day I wake up, look at the news, and feel deeply the burden of my existence

Of living on a planet that is condemned if we don't do anything, but we spend more time arguing about than doing, and the point of no-return has been passed since long

Of seeing rich people, politicians, racists, being so disconnected from reality that they think imposing their view is necessary, despite posing literal threats to many of the less privileged

Of trying, so hard, to do the right things, to vote, to recycle plastic, to buy local, to be an okay person, but knowing that this is a drop in the ocean and singular efforts will never make a difference if we don't change the whole system, because the companies who don't make efforts are the one whose actions truly matters

Of seeing basic human rights and the sheer fucking politeness of minding your own business if others don't hurts you or the community being thrown out the window by entitled idiots

Of knowing, without a doubt, that you're not enough, that you can't change things alone. That you shouldn't even be alone with those decision, but the elite sure makes you feel like you are

I'm tired. Tired of being angry, tired of fighting, because it feels useless.

So some day, I ignore the news, pretend it's fine, pretend I've already given up anyway.

And it's scary, because if we do give up, things will never look better, and I don't want to pawn off the problem to yet another hypothetical 'next generation'.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for things I could never control

And I wish the people who could make a significant change were the one feeling guilty, for once

Hmm wouldnt it be a great day to starve myself :^)))) that sounds like fun!

I want to lose weight. I've put on 20 lbs in the past 2 years and even though thats not "a lot" comparably speaking, it's still effecting me in a negative way. Im 5'2", the fat hangs differently on my body than say if i was 5'8". Its such bullshit that my brain has managed to convince itself AGAIN that not eating solves this issue.

It doesnt!! I know it doesnt!! Why am i like this!!!!

I just want to look at my weight and tackle it in a normal way! Not immediately jump to the extremes.

Im still gonna be trying to eat as i have been. I'll also probably be talking to a doctor/ psychiatrist about this real soon. Im not letting myself fall back into that mindset.

It's hard to want to interact and talk when I feel like I'm not wanted anymore

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Okay, Y'ALL, I want some opinions on slapping kids as a punishment

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Thank you all for your opinions, I wasn't sure anymore if it was bad or not and needed some reasons.

I was slapped as a kid too, but only as consequense (Halleluja) and my parents stopped hitting after 7, because then we could talk back comprehensively. And that was normal for me back then, just about everybody in my class got slapped as a punishment.

But recently I told a couple of jokes about it, and everyone looked at me weirdly and when I visited my best friend she said that that was not normal, so I got very confused, thank you all for your opinions :)

Ugh why'd I read that stupid greedfall article

I can not fucking believe this game is happening! Where the fuck is the outrage??? Imagine having the audacity to base your game on the colonization of America and say there are no good guys they're letting you act out the fucking genocide of my ancestors and they're proud of creating something "morally grey" morally fucking grey my ass you've got to be kidding me I'm absolutely fuming colonizers came here and they fucking slaughtered, raped and enslaved people they destroyed our cultures with their missionaries it was not fucking morally grey and today native people are still treated like shit like garbage like animals and what do you have in response to that?? Absolute deafening silence no one is upset about this game in fact you got a bunch of people excited to "kill some natives" the only other person I've seen even mention this shit is another native person who's getting bombarded with messages of people recommending it to them or telling them how they see no problem I'm so fucking tired

All of my urls have a purpose i just have to have time to post on them..... Im going to be really sad if they take them away..... I work almost 6 days a week and dont have a laptop so everything is from my phone..... So its hard to keep up with everything... But i have a use for all of them so plz dont free them....

My lineart is terrible unless I use the stabilizer to a crazy point because my hands are so shakey lately...

I really hope we have this weekend off work because I really need a break from so much physical work. :/

Got a haircut today and the lady destroyed my bangs so we're gonna have to endure several bad hair days, kiddos.

I had a really terrible tuesdirt and I’ve been crying like all day :’(

God do you even know people who have a full on suicidal breakdown because it rained on their commute to work bc I'm fucking done with life for sure.

I’m so mad. My lead has food poisoning right now and she came to work this morning, threw up a bunch, and work didn’t fucking send her home. And what’s worse is my room mate (who is also my coworker) is also sick and throwing up and my leads response was “if he can’t come in, let me know and I’ll show up to close.” I told her that she should not at all do that. She shouldn’t have been here in the fucking first place. If management wants someone out here, they should find someone to help cover the shifts. It’s not her job to find a replacement. She’s the sick one. Not to mention we’ve already contacted everyone in our department with little luck.

My gm better stay way the fuck away from me or I’m going to give him an entire ear full. I don’t care about the needs of the goddamn business, people come first. You take care of your employees because without them you’re fucking nothing.

Do you ever just cry because living is so expensive and you’re just a peon from the working class and you gotta choose between basic needs cause you can’t cover all your expenses with your wage

Me, immediately after sending an apology because I felt bad and shouldn’t have done what I did: oh god that was manipulative wasn’t it? Did I apologize to apologize or did I do it to be forgiven? God I’m a bad person

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i can’t seem to do anything right. all of my conversations with my father end in me crying because i can’t control my fucking emotions. I should go outside.

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I want to take a nap but noooooo because that’s too depression-y apparently. It’s 4 in the fucking afternoon and we’re gonna go get wine drunk and eat pizza

I'm used to being ignored but it still really hurts

I am very sad and annoyed at myself cause I completely scared away the guy that I like ahahaha this is not a good experience in romantic relationships after my big breakup ahahahaha ;-;

I regret ever sharing a home and a bed with someone else. Waking up to them. Welcoming the day with them. Holding each other all night. Ever since then, sleeping alone is so bitter, I feel gutted.