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A picture I did today for my #jumpstartjanuary challenge where I try to keep drawing every day like I did last year.

I have this really big owl plush that I put on my tummy when it's hurting a lot and I decided to draw my sona with one of her own. It's a Squishmallow owl and I love him a lot. I have him, an 18" plush and a smaller 8" one that my husband got me a few years back. They are my comfort objects.

I have a few different chronic illnesses with my guts and having pressure against them helps. So, tummy owl <3

appletun dreams

appletun has worked his way up into my top 5 or 3 fave pokemon ever! i just had to paint him <3 hes so round, and this gave me a great chance to practice backgrounds!

i love my body

ive been a lot more positive about my body lately! im chubby and im proud! my ass is great and my boobs are a nice size! <3

*hands you a league card* *hands you a league card* *hands you a league card* Normal and Rare league cards for Jules!!

Hatsune Miku says Trans Rights

this is totally separate from the meme btw, i just really like trans miku

Caterpie Colour Palette Challenge

i love Caterpie, so cute~ c:

Not wrong to love (Long live/gone)

Piece I did earlier this year, figuring out my newer style. Quite proud of the colors on this one.

Some more landscape studies. Getting better at perspective, rocks and lighting 💪

new tablet got here today! drew some test mikus

probably gonna be a hot minute before i'm used to using this kind of tablet again (been drawing directly on my laptop screen for nearly 2 years now) so uhhh don't expect any clean lineart for a while

it was marinas birthday today uvu

Eowyn!! This is so old...it's from September, but hey. I've got some new stuff for y'all real soon

Companion Prints Part 2

This set is titled Cryin' Flowers, first print made in 2018, second made in 2019.

Haruka [COMM]

Commission for Trash-PrinceMP4

Art by me Haruka belongs to Trash-PrinceMP4

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The Wolf and the Witch

A Draw This in Your Style piece for a challenge hosted by afarifteh on Twitter! I loved working on something more fantasy and really hashing out some details on the characters.

Ivysaur color palette challenge

I'll be posting these once a day, so prepare for almost 4 months of Pokemon colour palette challenges ^^;

Portrait from 2019 of my OC Sacch, one of the first drawings I felt fully comfortable with on my iPad. I have a lot of love for this drawing because I'm proud of it and it shows a small milestone for me.

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dace -

Egirl Jade

jade week day 3 theme was outfits

Continuing to try to learn how to design characters!