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Allister [Pokemon Shield]

Listen,,, I got Shield specifically because of Allister. He's my son

As much as the concept for this gens fossil pokemon is neat and all, I really would have preferred if they'd just given us the non-mix-and-matched 'mon. Looking at them as is just irritates me with how little the upper and lower halves of the bodies match. If they were really stuck on that concept of mix-and-matching the fossils they coulda just blended the designs together more instead of cutting them in half at the waist.

i should be doing like 10 other things but i had an urge to edit my trainer card, so i did

I heard this from the grapevine but

If you have SWSH you should disable autosaves, there’s a glitch with it and it’s deleting SD card data

The entire data, like from other games too

Keep your games safe and have fun playing!

I had a much more involved post complaining, again about how much rediculous backlash toward Sword and Shield is/was but it got eaten so that's maybe a sign I shouldn't...

But still, fuck anyone who spouted some shit about how bad the game is and it turns out that those problems are either miniscule (esp compared to how bad they said it was), nonexistent or a straight up fabrications.

I've had a marvelous time with it so far. Parts of the community knocked the bullshit meter up to 100/10 this year and it's rediculous. The game isnt the best game ever, but that's a high bar. It's by no means bad or shitty. There are so many quality of life improvements. The art design is fantastic. It feels great even to someone whose played pokemone time and time again. That's a huge feat! They keep trying to keep a 23 year old concept fresh! And they keep succeeding in as many ways as they can!

I think I'm mostly mad because all the bad and toxic discussion around the game was nigh inescapable and everyone and their dog was only talking about any shortcomings they even suspected of existing. It left a bad taste in my mouth. It made me dread the games release for a minute.

For a game we all love. We really need to support Gamefreak instead of turning on them and biting (esp when it's not called for). We can be critical, but by god tearing into them with malice is not how we empower the company to do better in the future??? (Which isn't saying they didn't do good! They did fantastic!!!!)

Also, their decision to cut the Dex is a good one and anyone can fight me on that.

Alcremie gigantamaxes into a big cake and I think that's beautiful

Pokemon swsh looks really good. I'm excited. The Pokemon designs are great. The region looks beautiful. I really don't care about the dynamax thing, but i usually don't care about the weird new mechanics that pop up each game.

All in all it looks fun and that's what matters

Pokemon!!! Wooloo good!!! Leon hot!!! Everything looks great. Not too excited about the whole making Pokemon big for three turns thing. Its eh for me

There was some new Pokémon news, which is cool. We got:

Pokémon Sleep/Pokémon Go Plus+ (?) (which tracks sleeping patterns in POGO somehow)

Pokémon Home (Pokémon Bank but for Pikavee/POGO/SwSh)

Pokémon Masters (mobile app game w/bunch of important trainers)

Detective Pikachu for the Switch (with different ending from movie)

151 shirts with the first 151 Pokémon

Correct me/add onto me, I didnt watch it and I am v tired

Also, please don’t complain abt Gen4 remakes not being announced, they’ll probably be announced 6 months-a year after SwSh, or at E3