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What is a man?

A miserable little pile of secrets.

Palette's are creatures that eat color palettes and change their color to fit the colors they ingested. Their bodies come in two colors. Black and white, but their secondary colors come in whatever palette they ate.

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Was for an album cover assignment

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kingly and impatient

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Color Bar Purse | 📷: Valfre (Online Shop)

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💚 Aromantic Spotlight - Cavetown

Are you aromantic? Do you like ukeleles? Are you just a cool person who likes good music? If so, Cavetown might be for you.

Cavetown is the stage name for Robbie Skinner, an aroace-spec trans musician. I don't really know how to describe his sound other than "peaceful" and "with a ukelele", but luckily he has plenty of music that you can listen to and make your own judgements~

You can listen to Cavetown on Youtube, on Bandcamp, and on Spotify.

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kinda hard 2 explain but! herez how i feel abt th music disc chirp in minecraft!!

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I did a colour swap(red<=>black) with Julian and he looks so fuckin emo

♠ Asexual ♠ To not feel sexual attraction or only under specific circumstances


befunky collage tool + Forest Ace flag by @seer-of-lxght from tumblr = this moodboard!

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