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My little sister's playing minecraft and I heard her whisper "I'm just gonna dig straight down" followed a few seconds later by the sound of her dying

Minecraft city time

My garden

I'm done with it ^^ enjoy!

My biggest builds yet

I'd never expect to make such big minecraft builds yet I did and they don't even look that bad

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don't dig straight down they say.....

w-well i....h... sweats i... i dug straight down..

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i did this a few times and usually i fall into lava, but i keep keepInventory on so >:3c be gay do crime

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anyone who has keepInventory on is immediately my friend.. hate losing my stuff gang

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I have keepInventory on mostly because I already defeated the Dragon and after that it's all just building and building and build--

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fellas. allow me to introduce you to [Vanilla Tweaks](https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/datapacks/ "fuck yeha graves)

specifically the Graves datapack which, upon your death, generates a grave that keeps all your items safe till you go up to it and hit shift

it's like keepInventory except it adds back some challenge by making you return to your place of death (or the nearest safe solid block)

that entire site has massively improved my minecraft experience and i encourage others to use it as much as i do

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thank...thank u so much!!!

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Vanilla Tweaks is so amazing, i have a majority of their data packs and crafting tweaks, and I love the texture options it gives me (purple books in the bookshelves!). Black netherbrick actually makes it usable XD

Can not recommend VT enough.

Some oddities I found while playing

(Wandering Trader at Diamond level; Illager group spawn in End; Zombie Jockey)

Still in the process of terraforming but I made a ‘bridge’ to get from the spawn bases to the Marketplace Village

I think I killed all the villagers so now I’m fixing stuff around the village for my OCs to use

I havent said anything about my MC worlds in forever, which is weird since this was made to showcase my ideas

Anyways, I’m remaking Camp Adventurine and taking the focus away from the camp. The new world is called ‘Fallow,’ which is like Earth prepared for farming purposes (if I remember correctly)

The seed I’m using is -1972226988, Bedrock

There’s an abandoned village right near spawn which I wasn’t excited for at first but now I’m thinking of killing off the villagers and turning it into a marketplace

I have some more things I intend to do, such as:

•A few video game inspired towns, like an ACNL and PMD: EOS town

•A giant wheat field

•Underwater village/house

•Skyblock-esque towns

•New formations, such as Infected Houses (homes teleported to the End and infected by End Stone, turning the top part into an End City tower), Volcano (potentially deadly mountain stronghold maze that contains a Nether Portal), etc.

•Monster Villages

•A graveyard

•Mountain camps where folks can rest

•And of course Camp Adventurine, the camp for reincarnated folks. Run by a deerkin and a wolfkin (bc I like self-inserts)

The whole world is supposed to feel like it used to be lived in before it became ‘abandoned,’ so farms and armor and such will’ve been made, it’s just lonely.

I cant wait to design some of the NPCs, I just wish the Minecraft skin creator had more slots so I could rp as them

they put bees in minecraft

log cabin!!!!

i haven't played minecraft in a while so i made a new world to play in today!! after many days of work, many nights of hiding from phantoms and monsters, a few creeper incidents, lots of growing and cutting of giant spruce trees, snacks breaks (both in game and real life), lots of experimenting to see what i liked better, and parties with several wandering traders, i finally have a nice log cabin (or cottage?) to call home!!!

more description and rambling under the cut:

it has a main floor, a basement, and an attic! so far there isn't much in there, but i plan on making the basement into a cellar!

i've never made a log cabin in minecraft before, i usually use planks for walls. but when i was about to start building i thought, hm, i've never really seen anyone build minecraft log cabins like they are in real life. so i decided to try! it's not exactly the same as a real life log cabin, but i still love it

i made this world, called "wandering lesbian," with plans to only make small huts to live in here and there and keep traveling every day, but once i found a nice place to build and started building i got a little carried away 😅 it's fine tho! i can still travel again once i finish this house, i might even come back to it from time to time

After like, 7 years of playing minecraft, and just continually mining to see how many diamonds I could find, I've actually started learning redstone and how to use it to farm various things/make various projects mostly over the past two weeks

I have learned many things about all sorts of redstlne projects during that time. Here are my thoughts.

  • Guardian Farms: Guardian farms are hella entertaining, and amazing to look at once cleared, but holy fuck getting rid of the water is a pain in the ass. My advice, if you're using sponges, especially if you only have a small amount of them, is to build yourself a tiny little auto smelter to dry them. A furnace, 3 hoppers and 3 chests. Divide the sponges in half, dry one half while using the other, and switch as needed.

  • Blaze Farm: Also entertaining once built, and a good source of XP. Plus the blaze sound funny when they're suffocating. Bring your fire resistance potions.

  • Creeper farm: Mine is wither rose based, so again, entertaining. Plus I built windows into the side to watch the hopper mincart collection system, which is cool. And I get bonus spiders.

  • Auto Potion Brewer: Not technically a farm (in fact half the farms I'm making are to stock it), but still cool. Fairly simple to make, easy to use. The only problem, as mentioned, is stocking it. Maybe just try for the potions you use the most.

  • Wither skeleton farm: Don't. Seriously tho, be sure you want it, because that perimeter is a bitch to do. I have placed so many buttons. I'm dreading my witch farm. I might do a mumbo and build a flying machine carpet bomber instead.

  • Auto Smelter: So worth it, especially if you find yourself building a lot with glass or needing a lot of stone/smooth stone. Find a decent design (I recommend Iskall85's design from hermitcraft 6. I'm also using his guardian farm), preferably one using water streams, because it looks amazing. Put in your items to be smelted, and then instant entertainment! Also my fuel source is automatically powered bamboo farms so that's a thing too. Speaking of.

  • Bamboo Farm: (/sugar cane because the farms are fairly similar if not identical) Also entertaining! I've said that a lot but honestly redstone farming done right IS entertaining. Not to mention this one is very efficient (it's because ilmango designed it. It's like, required by universal laws or something). I have 6 double chests of bamboo from my farm, plus attached hoppers, and that's just extras snagged while my smelter was refuelling.

I have upcoming plans for a slime farm and a witch farm (slime first. It's easier), and I'm excited to give them a try. Except for the witch farm perimeter. I also wanna do an auto cobblestone machine, and maybe a TNT based tree farm. Just make ALLLLLLL the redstone stuff. Is fun XD

Filana Skin

Minecraft skin of a character I made for my brother's series

Travis: I will consume your knees, you horrible hoe.

Zane: **gasp**

Zane: I am not a HOE.

Zane: I am a pickaxe.

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they put bees in minecraft

lime -

oh no a baby

they put bees in minecraft

lime -

oh no a baby

they put bees in minecraft

lime -

oh no a baby

ideal server im too stupid to run

1. fire tick? turn that motherhyucker straight the fuck off

2. free control to be survival or creative, i dont even want to spawn shit in i just want to mine man

3. bees

4. that one plugin for heads? even tho a lot of them are absolute horrid to navigate

5. a way to at least get your own head

6. yknow that texture pack that all we gays use that i cant remember but everyone has it? im a lil sick of it and want to use vanila cuz im basic like that and have watched way too much hermitcraft but The CIT Pack would be Missed

7. the above is just a general statement

8. creeper aw man damage turned off

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bees bees bees

Bonus transparent bee:

Free to use, no credit needed

minecraft aja!!! i love her so much

(id: two screenshots of my minecraft skin!! its of my oc, Aja! end id.)

hound -

bees bees bees

Bonus transparent bee:

Free to use, no credit needed

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moon i am BEG for baby mode enderman, generic is fine but use my WF icon if you need the detail.

bless me with baby mode.

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Little Witch's House

I spent the evening building this witchy house in minecraft!

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Little Witch's House

I spent the evening building this witchy house in minecraft!