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lemon demon ask game!

fungus -

lifetime achievement award: if you could bring any dead person back to life for one last hurrah, who and why?

sweet bod: were you an egyptology kid, a dragonology kid, a wizardology kid, or are you somehow not familiar with the ology books? and/or have you ever tried a snake oil product?

the machine: what do you think is your greatest functionless creation to date?

you're at the party: what are your thoughts on the afterlife? and/or what sort of nightmarish creature would you like to turn into if you had the chance? and/or are you alone?

marketland: weirdest thrift store find? did you buy it? do you regret it?

action movie hero boy: where do you stand on a scale of "more explosions more movie hell yeah" to "explosions are a crutch to hide plot holes"? and/or did you ever play with explosives/fire as a child?

ben bernanke: what's a weird inside joke you have that sounds fucking insane out of context?

touch tone telephone: do you have any favourite conspiracy theories?

the man in stripes and glasses: did you ever play picture-search games like where's wally/waldo or ispy growing up?

jaws: explain the plot of a movie you like, poorly

bill watterson: have you ever become excessively obsessed with a celebrity or public figure?

man-made object: do you have architectural opinions? what is your opinion on brutalism?

the ocean: where are you on a scale of "love the beach" to "fear the sea"?

reaganomics: god i fucking hate ronald reagan. this song is SUCH a banger tho.

cabinet man: have you ever been to an arcade? do you play any old-school arcade games? would you ever turn yourself into an arcade machine just to be close to the games?

the afternoon: what was a game of play-pretend you could play for hours as a kid? bonus points if it's Kind Of Creepy Looking Back.

two trucks: what's your opinion on two trucks?

white bread boyfriend: did you have a compulsive heterosexuaity boyfriend/girlfriend?

gadzooks: what's your favorite nonsense word?

a mask of my own face: what was your most ambitious halloween costume as a child?

eighth wonder: what's your favorite ghost/cryptid?

really cool wig: what's an accessory you'd want to be buried in if you died?

knife fight: have you ever gotten into a fight? what happened?

the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny: what's your favorite lemon demon song?

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