Lost Woods Cryptid




I start tags for things people may not want to see with 'cw' example: cw transphobia. If you want anything tagged or if I forget a tag let me know and I'll fix it right away! If you want me to use a specific tag outside of my typical cw _ format let me know.

I tag 'long post', 'serious', 'personal', and for my pointless ramblings I use 'terra talks to the void'

I tag spoilers for new stuff and on request for older stuff

No trypophobia on my blog!

I would really appreciate if mutuals tagged trypophobia (lots of small holes like beehives, lotus flowers, sunflower heads), and optical illusions (not critical but visual snow hates them y'all <3)


  • Exlusionists (ace, aro, pan, xenogender, ect.)

  • Identity gatekeepers

  • Terfs/swerfs

  • Transmeds/truscum

  • "Anti-Antis"

  • Pedos and sympathizers

  • "Fujoshis"

  • Defenders of "joking" racists ie pewdiepie

  • Defenders of colonizers and missionaries

  • If you're indifferent to the above (except in cases of intracommunity discussions you're not part of)

  • Hetalia fans

  • Greedfall players

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