Lost Woods Cryptid



Hi my name's Terra!

  • 18

  • Zuni

  • Nuerodivergent

  • Ace

  • Genderqueer man

  • Vae/Vaer & He/Him

I struggle with the whole talking thing, but I'll try my best!


I love video games! They'll probably be the main thing I talk about since I don't really watch TV or read (adhd is just like that sometimes). I love too many games to list, but in general RPGs, life/farming sims, & horror are my favorite genres. Also I know cult classic isn't a genre but I tend to love most of the ones I play (and I'm always looking for obscure game recommendations...). Outside of video games I like Lemon Demon, mbmbam, monster factory, and talking about being queer!

Pronoun details

My neopronouns are Vae/Vaer/Vaers/Vaerself. I don't have a real preference between my pronouns. I'm totally fine being referred to with typically masculine terms like dude, guys, bro, man, ect. as long as you don't use them with the intent of misgendering me as "basically a binary man". Don't refer to me as x gender socialized, x gender bodied, xTx, or by agab.

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