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Quick doodle 


Lochlady Dress Penny

Drawn for Penny's Super Mario Odyssey streams.

Lmao I bought my mom an oil diffuser for Christmas and I walked into her room today and guess what was there...

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Petition to bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020s so we can call that decade the rawring 20s

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fucking genius

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None gender left boy

siriumb -

Wait, this isn't "none gender left, boy", it's "none gender, left boy"?! It took me several hours. Mood anyways tho.

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*tf2 engineer voice* none gender left, boy 

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These anime-styled picrews should stop putting so much effort in ridiculous flowy everlasting windy dramatic hairstyles and just add more freakin' skintones I swear

Yknow I may know fuck all about math or science but at least I'm not a high school senior suffering through another year of homework and classes like I could be right now...

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happy birthday to my honey @hinadraws !!!

Resident evil 3 remake!!! The same way they did 2?? Oh I'm super excited,  I wonder what they'll do with it... Considering how much I loved the re2 remake I have high hopes. Tbh 3 was my least favorite resident evil game (which isn't to say I don't like it), I thought it had some nice gameplay improvements over the first two and the timed choices when you encounter nemesis were fun, but the characterization of Jill... In the remake though they have a chance to improve that so hmm

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Sometimes I feel I've got to..

            \\ .Λ_Λ.
             \( ˇωˇ) 
               > ⌒ヽ
                 /   へ\
                 /  / \\
                  レ ノ   ヽ_つdun
               / /
               / /|
             ( (ヽ
              | |、\
              | 丿 \ ⌒)
              | |  ) /
             `ノ )   Lノ


Y'know I really hate when binary people say "you feel nonbinary" like what's that supposed to mean? I AM nonbinary, what I feel is the crushing inescapability of your exorsexism.

I've been playing fire emblem three houses and in conclusion do it for Claude


Finally got around to doodling!! Heres my boy Vinny as a scorbunny gijinka. the toasted marshmello vibes are strong..

Y'know once you realize that pretty much everything is a social construct that you can relate to (or not) in whatever way you want life gets about 10x easier...


Inktober Day 17: Ornament

About halfway through Inktober and I haven't drawn any Pokemon yet :0 Meowth has the best ornament

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Ohhhh my theres a tapestry in pokemon shield where two guys save the kingdom together and then are both shown getting crowned while holding hands, and that's how galar was born like??? If nintendo tries to tell me this is straight I'm going to revolt

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Okay okay I just beat Leon and look all I'm saying is if shielbert and sordward are twin brothers and they are descendants of the kingS thennn