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*Life is Beautiful from Deadly Premonition plays in the distance*

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A picture I did today for my #jumpstartjanuary challenge where I try to keep drawing every day like I did last year.

I have this really big owl plush that I put on my tummy when it's hurting a lot and I decided to draw my sona with one of her own. It's a Squishmallow owl and I love him a lot. I have him, an 18" plush and a smaller 8" one that my husband got me a few years back. They are my comfort objects.

I have a few different chronic illnesses with my guts and having pressure against them helps. So, tummy owl <3

appletun dreams

appletun has worked his way up into my top 5 or 3 fave pokemon ever! i just had to paint him <3 hes so round, and this gave me a great chance to practice backgrounds!

i love my body

ive been a lot more positive about my body lately! im chubby and im proud! my ass is great and my boobs are a nice size! <3

a proper reupload of all my pride merms (from throughout 2018)

there is still a post of them floating around here from a deleted blog as well as on tumblr

(didn't bother sticking them in the order created this time though)

also I just made a new redbubble and stuck them all on there!!

Yuri von Fire Emblem

A small drawing of Yuri from Fire Emblem cause he's a beautiful man and I love him;;;

This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

autiestella -

stella.. always feel sad when ppl ask how stop selves stim esp if tell selves, need stop stim so get work done

should ask instead

  • is work make anxious? do stim help ease?

  • do stim help focus? or is disrupt?

  • if stim disrupt, why? how can replace?

  • & is brain stuck on decision?

say stella makes loudnoise, but loudnoise makes hard focus on words. so maybe stella start hum quiet, or put spinner in hand, bc both noise but not so loud. or say stella need both hands for type, which means no tangle. so stella might chew gum, or wiggle foot around - both motion!

plus, stella find if stuck on decision (like where do work, what work start 1st, etc) can make even MORE stim, bc stuckness = anxious since "need do, need do, need do" but just can't! so if slow down & ask what decision maybe need make, might also make less need for stim

obv stella not able make all suggest, bc depend on workspace & own needs but still question should not, "how do stop stim?" but "how do work w stim?"

A doodle of two Appletun πŸŽπŸ‰

Do not repost, use, trace, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

🌈 twitter / kofi / patreon 🌈

commission for a client on twitter! β™₯

Rattata Colour Palette Challenge

basically a redraw of Ken Sugimori's artwork of Rattata from Red/Blue ^^;

fungus -

trans women..... effervescent

kingpin of Gotham city and also....... My heart

Hatsune Miku says Trans Rights

this is totally separate from the meme btw, i just really like trans miku

*hands you a league card* *hands you a league card* *hands you a league card* Normal and Rare league cards for Jules!!

angelicaphelion -

When I see merch for a thing I'm hyperfixating on but I remember I shouldn't spend all my money on things I don't need

loose design for a more beasty version of buzz!! based on a eucharitid wasp :0c

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Just a reminder

twix -

That you exist for no one other than yourself, so do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable. Be unapologetically you, love yourself, keep moving forward. This is YOUR life.

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cjadewyton -

legs weak

arms spaghetti

joints creak

brain forgetti

trans rights are human rights

herobrined -

herobrined -

this post is still relevant no matter what! always be reminded that trans rights ARE human rights and if you disagree go step on a lego!

Just a small icon doodle of my cat, Sky.

(Reblogs are appreciated/Don’t repost art without permission/Don’t trace my art/Please don’t take my art and claim it as your own)

cottage, 26.12.19